Suraj Tal Lake in Keylong

Suraj tal lake keylong

Suraj Tal or Suraj Tal Lake also called Surya taal, is a sacred body of water, literally means the Lake of the Sun God. Located at an elevation of 4950 m above sea level, the lake is considered as the third highest in India and the 21st highest in the world. Suraj Tal Lake shrugs its calmness in the months of summer.

Suraj Tal Lake is quite close to the Baralacha Pass, which is considered as the meeting point of the roads leading to Spiti, Ladakh, and Zanskar. The Baralacha Pass is also known as “the pass with crossroads on the summit.” The name, Suraj Tal, is derived from 2 Hindi words; Suraj meaning Sun and Tal meaning lake. This is the reason the basin is revered as the “lake of the Sun God.” Legends say that a holy dip in the Suraj Tal Lake can purify one from all the sins.

Suraj Tal Lake is created by the streams of the Bhaga river (based on which this entire valley is known by the name Bhaga Valley today). During the month of summer, the water is drawn from the surrounding mountains and nearby glaciers. Bhanga valley on which the lake is situated in an enthralling and divine sight for the eyes. In the valley, two rivers: Bhaga River and Tandi River mingle and make their way to the narrow and slandered hills of the region. Close to Suraj Tal, the small Deepak Lake is yet another important stopover.

Suraj tal lake is an extensive haven for Indian and foreign tourist looking for road trips, trekking, and motorcycling. Motorcyclists can catch the glimpse of the lake on the most famous Manali-Leh trail. Avid trekker has marked this place on the top of their bucket list. Suraj Tal makes for a refreshing stopover for travelers’ like mountain bikers and trekkers.

The lake seems like a green emerald in the thick of the barbarous mountains and is drenched in mysterious and soothing splendors. For travelers and adventure aficionados, the place is a destination that should be visited again and again. Come and witness the untouched beautiful lake of Himachal Pradesh.


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